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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  September 4, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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project was finished ... sooner than expected. the dumbarton bridge reopened of 719 p. m last night. that's nearly 10 hours ahead of schedule. those driving over the bridge tonight will not displayed few changes. they're not noticed a lot. perhaps the biggest change is the car pooling. during the weekend, richard for a seismic pressure for the dumbarton bridge crews demolished and removed and of jordan and replaced it with one table of withstanding a major earthquake. they also installed some deck plates. this weekend should be the last full shutdown of the bridge for the rich
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seismic retrofitting project. shalwe build in some continy time into the schedule and we haven't had used to much of it. the bridge is open but this project is in complete just yet. the bridge was ablaze 5 in. to allow for those bearings which would allow the bridge to move in the event of an earthquake. there's going to be some not relinquish years to continue the work. 30 of the deaths have been installed. some developing news from seven california where it's expected to take more than a week to contain the williams
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fire appeared the fight is only 5 percent contained and it burned about 3,600 a. so far. the fight is burning a rugged terrain about 30 mi. northeast of los angeles. most people have vacuity campsites and communities in the area but in a handful of residents are still refusing to leave. i just decided to set up peer and a fight. it's better than standing back and wondering how your place is doing. of animals friends and family appear. out what this place to burn out. this is my home. the fires burning away from any buildings the cost still under investigation. a gust fire scorched hundred 50 a. in the east bay before crews could get the content. the fighters in the crews between concord started
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yesterday afternoon. the cause is still under investigation. the keynote address impacths the party platform released and democrats are ready to kick off the 2012 convention. president such a historic time. i couldn't imagine not coming. as it does the lease began republicans won't let go of the questions are americans better off than they were four years ago? he can tell you that your butt off. can you honestly say that people are better off today than they were yes or years ago.
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republicans pounced. since then the democrats regrouped and came out swinging. he will know whether we're better off? i got a bumper sticker for you of some of the london is that in general motors is alive. if this lady got an up close look at the podium during our walk through monday. another has been favorably waiting stefan during his bust of mrs. obama remains barely popular. near castro kicks off the prime-time coverage of the convention with his keynote address. president obama used the 2014 them to launch himself into the national spotlight. a new poll for the charlotte observer shows mitt romney with
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a four point lead over the president in north carolina. a democratic official from seven cisco is using harsh language to describe republicans. the state democratic chair used to not see reference. it was enough to reference that quickly sparked an outcry from the gop. he compared republicans to joseph goebbels. propaganda that the administrator for nazi germany. you keep repeating it and that was goebbels. instead of they don't care about facts. they're going to bite. republicans jim democrats jewish leaders were quick to criticize button. he said he never used the word that seat
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and the hon we apologize to anyone who might of been offended. obama campaign spokesperson tells the l.a. times that burton's comments do not reflect the views of the campaign. you could hear the entire interview from kcbs radio on cbs sf the car. the democrats are not alone in north carolina. republican vice president attended all wind wasn't until yesterday speaking to reporters at the east carolina university. he criticized president obama saying that there's no way the nation is better off now than it was four years ago. he will come campaign in ohio today. tens of thousands of homes
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and businesses are still without electricity in it a week after her stint as a coup for the areas with the power of in the wednesday and at mississippi and arkansas. president obama toward some of the most heavily damaged damage areas yesterday. lives wasn't that a worker tremendous property damage. people were in a position to get out quickly. as you can see folks are on the ground already trying to clear up the debris in making sure that they're able to recover as long as rapidly as possible. damage from a storm estimate that more than $2 billion.
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louisiana will reimburse california for all of the expenses. fraud and low cloud along the shoreline in around a bit as well. " in concord at 54 degrees. san francisco as 52 right now. santa rosa still gets up to 80 degrees 91 and 59 degrees in livermore 65 and pacific and 78 degrees in some redwood city. numbers: off a
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little bit this week nothing dramatic. if you want dramatic have a traffic. there is a we opened dumbarton bridge this morning sun no issues there. so far everything this pretty quiet right now. a lot of fog of this morning heading into san francisco's the watch of for that. and was bound traffic moving fine on highway 4.
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members of this and has a family of injured after a one aircraft accident at south the tahoe. it happened yesterday morning after the family to two jet skis at the whole arena on such short of the tahoe. the justice each killing a parent and child collided on the lake in the most seriously injured his inaugural girl who was flown to hospital and reno. san francisco's supervisors are expected to be hearing in the coming weeks concerning the health the san francisco law. the king will be to look into accusations of some employees are keeping money that should go for health coverage. the mayor
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and state assemblyman it will hold a news conference this morning to update the public on what has been done to recover from the explosion as well as what still needs to be done. organic food this is conventional. which one is really more nutritious? what these people staring at? the bizarre sight. ,,,,,,,,,
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during an interview by severe weather in arkansas a news camera caught a man in need of some covering up. a naked man
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in russia and the woods beethe s standing in the street naked. with the fog and low clouds around the bay this morning. temperatures are going to cool just slightly today. the
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democratic national convention this week after the republicans last week played by hurricane is sick that's all that's left of lies sick. it will trigger a few thundershowers as it moves on to the eastern seaboard. a dense fog of the golden gate bridge. high pressure over the eastern pacific and low pressure that will begin a little bit later. it will close down a little bit. out the door this morning i will have partly sunny skies of the coast given a little bit of time. the they will have partly cloudy. we the members of the mostly in the '70s today for the
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forecast. 78 from milpitas and 80 degrees than in morgan hill. only six degrees in stinson beach. petaluma 82. 68 degrees in richmond. but was up to 71 today. more sense of . he made as much as a location that opt for a
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nonprofit industry. the initial reports just coming into our newsroom saying there's a possible chlorine leak. then maybe some street boxes of the 400 block of portal. this is to holdoes not allow going on out there. a lot of fog this morning across the golden gate bridge. you could really see on the severance is the site of the span. no delays so far through
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nevada or some of the. an insider's account of the way that led to the death of a sum of the law in his book shops today. it offers no details of last year's rate. he says he and another seal 5 into been modern chess to make sure he was dead. we want to know should the former navy seal be able to keep the profits from the book? some closing arguments that to start in illinois today in the trial drew peterson. the former police sgt and was
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accused of killing his and his wife. an heir to the red but fortune is being questioned didn't allege and hit-and-run accident in thailand. the 27 year-old grandson of an energy drink ran over an officer in bangkok. he then dragged the body for several yards before driving away. is a new ad for undecided voters to look of the fiscal impact of 81 canada over another. he confided pulled a fight on,. the site to extend its tax plans to campaign promises into account and at some personal information. it looks like from your web
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site at the bay area should for romney. that was one of the most startling conclusions that we found that the bay area has many hiring household. it also has a national map as covered in blue indicating the areas that would benefit from president obama election. michael clark dunkin the 6 ft. 5 actor known for his deep forests in friendly demeanor has died in our hospital. he died yesterday and never fully recovered from a july heart attack. he's best known for his oscar-nominated role in the
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green mile. he was only 54. the markets finished august on a positive note. the dow added 90 points and said he does that was up 19. the nasdaq is 18% higher than it was assaulted a year. last month wal-mart said it was expanding its only where program after seeing a high customer demand for lay awake during last year's hot winter holiday season. some of the world's most precious inexpensive guns are going up for sale. spence secluded 56 pink diamonds. one piece is 1.3 carat diamond, be our goal is
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expected to fetch about one-half million dollars. when it comes to the nutritional value. scientists say there's really no difference between organic in conventional foods. previous studies that analyzed purely poultry and meat. nutritionally only slightly more phosphorous was detected in organic foods. that could impact consumers shopping habits as well. on the basis of belief about differences in health outcomes are studies suggest that there is not a robust evidence that suggest much difference between organic in conventional foods. not organic foods increased test sites. one mitt romney support
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company is facing an investigation. the big anniversary celebrated at the place is right. the car engine produces its a good thing. q. wasn't the case appeared to,,,,,,,,,,,,
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runs along the shoreline and the bay. mid the war and an end one of the airfield at one another. 65 here in this city. so others no delay in
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dissemblance the scope. workers that if the port and york all the shops as a kid in survived a six hour trip inside the plastic undercarriage of a car. the couple bought the card to the transmission saying that they were hearing cat like noises while driving their son to college. a kitten will live to be put up for adoption. the laws running game show in television history celebrate the milestone. the convention of the prices red is turning 40. only a select few will have a chance to come on down. audience will be made up entirely of past winners. with a vintage pieces city
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excitement and it's like going to the circus ever did. i would set of one the job lotto. the average yield is insane. i love coming to work. i feel great when i leave with a bit when i come. the price is right at should be back in 1966. the current rash action began in 1972 with paul parker. move over 50 shades. the book that storm to the top of the amazon's best-seller list. the dumbarton bridge reopened last 92 hours ahead of schedule. with the changes that drivers can expect to see a whe,
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